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In Dispute Employment Advocacy Services* was established to respond to the urgent market need for a responsive, effective and low-cost resource for employees and volunteers who are in dispute with their employers or who have concerns about the employment relationship.

Our experienced professional team are there to assist you resolve those disputes and address your concerns.
We are not a legal practice but we have close strategic and working relationships with prominent senior practitioners and well regarded firms.

Act Fast

It is a reality that there are good employers and there are those that have scant regard for their obligations to you; the worker.

If you are dismissed from your employment, or were forced to resign, you have only a short window of time to decide whether you have been unfairly dismissed, whether the proper processes have been followed and whether you have received all that you are entitled to.

Act Right

The issues are complex and technical, the situation is stressful and the clock is ticking.

We can help you assess your rights and assist you through the process. We work on a no win/no fee basis for unfair dismissal claims so contact us today for a no obligation consultation.


When time is of the essence.

Why Choose Us?

We do not deal with complex or large scale legal disputes. We provide a fast, simple and low-cost service to you.

In most employment matters time is of the essence and you need to respond quickly at a time that is very often stressful and we can help you through the process.

If the matter is more complex we can refer you to one of our strategic partners and work closely with them to ensure that you extract the best value and receive high quality legal advice.

For The Employer

Generally, we will only act for the employee or volunteer (the plaintiff) in a dispute. However, we are happy to provide an advisory service to employers and voluntary agencies who want to prevent disputes arising by understanding their obligations and mitigating risks.

It can be particularly difficult for the small business owner to work through the complexities of employment legislation and case law to understand what your obligations are. If you would like help with the development of policies, processes and checklists contact us today for a quote.


Stay up-to-date on your rights.

November 27, 2017

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November 27, 2017

How much time do you have to lodge an unfair dismissal claim?

One of the most common questions we are asked is “how much time do I have to lodge a claim for unfair dismissal?”  The answer is very clearly defined that your claim MUST BE FILED within 21 DAYS of the […]


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