What Should You Do If You Think You Are Being Underpaid?
How much time do you have to lodge an unfair dismissal claim?
November 27, 2017
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How can an employee advocate help me?

How Can An Employee Advocate Help me

An Employee Advocate can help you by taking the stress out of the situation provide clear and concise guidance on what your entitlements actually are whilst guiding you through the process of claiming those entitlements.

The advocate will help you to gather and compile the information that you need to support your case and advise you what your legal rights are and prepare you for any mediation, conciliation hearing or trial process. We will also help you draft claims in a clear, concise and compelling way to enhance your opportunities for success.  Often an employer will respond more positively when dealing with a well informed independent third party.

Finally, your advocate can help you understand what to expect and to consider whether you have a valid case. Even where the employer has some justification in their actions they may consider your circumstances more compassionately when put to them by a qualified advocate.

Our experienced professional team are there to assist you resolve those disputes and address your concerns.  Contact us today for a no obligation free 15 minute consultation.